About the Designer

I became transplanted in Montana back in 1993 and was introduced to a black powder life soon thereafter.  It has been black powder ever since, both traditional muzzle loaders (my favorite the rock lock) and black powder cartridge (that one the 50 2 1/2 Sharps).  I was never satisfied with the cross sticks that were available and I have always like to tinker on making things work the way I want them to work.  Behold the evolution of my cross sticks – wood, leather and copper.  Members of the black powder club I belong to here in Montana have helped me test my designs and have confirmed their usefulness and appreciate their traditional design.  I also make a few presentation sets during the year for black powder clubs

The sticks are designed as two styles:  hunting sticks and  range sticks.  Each can be used as hunting sticks or range sticks; just depends on personal tastes.  No matter which style you desire, they  will work for what you want them for, to help you shoot better.  Range sticks, not including the length of the spike, are 36 inches long, normally made in oak.  The hunting sticks are designed based on your height and can be up to 48 inches long, not including the spike.  Spikes can be made in different lengths.  They are different from any other cross sticks, but they are cross sticks in the traditional sense but with greater functionality than all the others.  With my cross sticks you can shoot from a kneeling position to a prone position, either on flat ground or the side of a steep mountain side.  They are unique.

Jump into the site and explore.  I have used my sticks from hunting to shooting competitions.  I designed these originally for hunting, they just naturally migrated over to competition.  So whether you shoot black powder or smokeless powder, rifles to handguns, these sticks will work for you.

About the WebMaster

Going by the name of RogueTomboy, the WebMaster, is the daughter of the Designer.  She enjoys Web Design, Writing, Drawing, and is highly addicted to the ever famous MMO: World of Warcraft – but her character is a Hunter so that’s a good thing, right?

Not only does she manage the Sweet Grass Cross-Stick site but she is a web author, childrens book illustrator, and a WebMaster for 2 other sites.

If there are any questions or concerns with the website please feel free to contact her here or via the “Contact” tab up above.

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